Alexandra Quintero. Full stack developer, Scrum Master.

Joyce Aragon. Computer Engineer with knowledge in robotics, automation, design and analysis.

Carlos Alejandro Jiménez. Systems Engineer with knowledge in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, databases.

Nadia González. Graphic Designer with knowledge in social media, graphic design / Web design, instructional design, photography.

Fabio Herrera. International Commerce with knowledge in science, art, and technique of administrative management.

Juan Vanegas. Finance with knowledge in business.

Luis Peña. Systems Engineer with knowledge in Servers, SysAdmin, DevOps, Docker, agile methodologies.

Carlos de Castro. Systems Engineer with knowledge in digital content, adaptive hypermedia systems, interactive systems, person-computer iteration, extended reality, t-learning platform, intelligent multi-agent systems, usability and accessibility, IPTV.

Egner Aceros. Electronics Engineer, Process Control Specialist with knowledge in automation, control, and instrumentation of processes, electronics, data networks, telecommunications, electrical, oil and gas, thermodynamics: fluid mechanics, heat transfer, programming, data science, artificial intelligence, WEB Tools.